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Passion for your fund success.

Open-end and closed-end funds, ETFs, and other financial products: We have more than two decades of experience in this field. Developing compelling fund stories and core messages; creating impactful campaigns and easy-to-read content; supporting you with events and your day-to-day tasks – this is at the very heart of our core business. And it is the reason why many fund managers, banks, rating providers and insurance companies have put their trust in us.

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We are also trusted by a whole range of other financial service providers and insurance companies:

Why asset managers work with us:

Quite simply: Because we understand the strategies and current topics from ESG to regulation; because we know the distribution channels and the competition; because we know what is possible (and what is not) from a compliance and regulatory perspective. One of our specialties is content development, where we guarantee pre-defined comprehensibility levels. Thus, we can transform your English or institutional-tailored input so that it is interesting and understandable for consultants and the end-client market. Read more on our systematic optimization of texts.

For some clients, we act as an outsourced department. Other clients with their own large marketing departments use us to complement their in-house resources, as a sparring partner and a creative source of ideas.

> 10 fund (re)launches p.a.
> 50 funds & strategies
> 400 fund-related projects p.a.

Creating campaigns. Positioning products communicatively, designing fund launches or relaunches, developing marketing campaigns, and supporting every phase of marketing with consulting and implementation expertise.

Brand campaign for CE markets.
Building awareness and sharpening the brand profile in a ‘sea of the same’ in terms of argumentation and tonality.

Work example

Intelligent launch of AI fund.  360° campaign for a new thematic Invesco fund.

Work example

Digital lead campaign. Via Instagram, Facebook, Xing, and LinkedIn. The challenge: turning ‘cold’ traffic into real prospects.

Work example

Developing content. Preparing existing content to suit the target group, developing new content, finding creative ways to enhance it (infographics, short animations, videos ...); for websites, newsletters, advertorials, specialist articles ...; for SM channels like LinkedIn.

Bundling ESG in one place – ESG Hub. Here, advisors can find information about sustainable funds or regulations.

Work example

ESG strategy goes social. Explanatory approach with infographics for LinkedIn / digital channels (Fidelity).

Work example

Successful distribution partnerships. Tailored strategies for Credit Suisse (and others).

Work example

Facts become stories. Developed for the ‘At a glance’ campaign for DAX company Fresenius.

Work example

Guaranteed comprehensibility. We use special software to ensure that content is comprehensible to the target group. Whether for institutional investors, advised retail/wholesale or private customers.

The easier, the better. Retail-friendly relaunch of Fidelity fund profiles for various Western and Eastern European countries.

Work example

Want to understand funds? Read our end client brochure for Franklin Templeton.

Work example

Think internationally. In addition to the German-speaking countries, we also understand the requirements of other European markets, including Italy, France, Spain, Benelux and Eastern Europe. We take this into account in our creative development.

CE launch of a Fixed Income Fund.
A highly successful fund launch especially in the Italian market, with a storytelling campaign for a bond fund.

Work example

Merger campaign for EFT providers. Developed for the UK and CE markets (PowerShares and Source).

Work example

International recruitment campaign. (Online / SM) for leading logistics company, including specific campaigns for eastern markets.

Work example

What is important to asset managers?

Creativity, fund-related expertise and cross-channel thinking are all part of our core business. Apart from that, there are three things that our fund customers reflect back to us again and again.

We work reliably and think along with you, and always check the details. In the fund industry, the facts and figures have to be exactly right. That’s why we have meticulous quality control, from the first draft to the final review by specialized, external professional editors.

We are absolutely reliable and on schedule, even with tight timeframes. Our flexible and lean structure allows us to react quickly when needed: whether it’s pragmatic adjustments to advertising materials or taking advantage of market opportunities.

We calculate transparently and fairly. You will always receive itemized offers with clearly differentiated services (consulting, editing, creation ...). Because we know that this is an important basis for long-term partnerships: Customers such as American Express, R+V Versicherung and Fresenius have trusted us for more than 20 years.